Buy, Sell, Trade Site How-To's

What does cross-posted or x-posted mean in buy, sell, trade groups on Facebook?

You may have noticed that people are using the words “cross-posted” or “x-posted” on the posts for items that they are selling.  This is a wonderful thing to do!  What “cross-posted” or “x-posted” means is that the item that they are selling is posted in multiple buy, sell, trade sites.  What this does is clear up any confusion that interested buyers might have when they comment first on a post.  I’ve seen this scenario happen many times–someone posts an item on multiple sites, and does not list that it is cross or x-posted (you can use cross-posted or x-posted, it doesn’t matter which), then the person who commented first on a page, but is really the second in line, is confused and gets mad when the item is marked as sold. Don’t be the person who posts like this because you risk getting kicked out of that buy, sell, trade group.  Not worth it, right?  Instead, when someone says that they are interested in your item, and you already have an interested buyer who was first on another site, let that person who is second in line know that there is someone else who is first in line on the other page.  It will clear up so much confusion, and make for much happier fellow group members!


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